DIAMOND DIY CONCRETE kit / concrete anchor / Do It Yourself / Concrete Karat / Door stopper / Paper Weight

DIY concrete kit - DIAMOND Maker savvy DIY concrete kit - just add water. Diamond concrete kit includes everything you need + instructions: 1. Fill the container with water up to the marked line 2. Pour the cement (from one bag only) slowly into the water container while stirring 3. Keep stirring for about 15-20 seconds until you've reached an even consistency 4. Place the mold on included levellers and pour the concrete mix gently 5. Fill the mold all the way to the top and tap gently for a few seconds to let air out 6. Let the concrete mix dry in the mold for 24 hours 7. Gently take out the cured concrete out of the mold using both hands. 8. Take the sand paper and sand out any dents or scars 9. Enjoy! Wanna go at it again? The kit is equipped with 2 rounds of curing! After that you can get some more cement and make a many pieces as you can handle :)
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